Club History

Our roots are simple – - established on May 4, 1934, by a group of gentlemen of Polish and Slavic descent, who shared a common goal – - which was developing an organization that would foster the preservation of the Polish and Slavic heritage, while simultaneously providing a vehicle for the social camaraderie that existed, at the time, in a sparsely-populated, central Suffolk, rural, farming community.

Throughout our 80 years, we have been the mainstay of Polonia involvement within Suffolk County, with members living within the various towns and hamlets.  Our Club has remained an important asset to cultural, social, and community involvment.  Our Club members are proud to share and participate in activities that are important to us – – our culture, our traditions, and our heritage.

Time has been good to the Polish American Independent Club.  We have grown, we have changed, we have adjusted.  We have developed, and we have matured.  We have become a focal point for the social and cultural activities of the Polish/Slavic-American community, and we have been so for the past 80 years.