The PAIC of Port Jefferson Station was established in 1934 with one main goal – to foster the preservation of the Polish and Slavic heritage in our community.

Throughout our 83 years, we have been the mainstay of Polonia involvement within Suffolk County, with members living within the various towns and hamlets.  Our Club has remained an important asset to cultural, social, and community involvment.  Our Club members are proud to share and participate in activities that are important to us – - our culture, our traditions, and our heritage.

We have besides our regular Club members, associate members, and a Ladies Auxiliary.  They are people who share in our Club activities, which include not only our monthly meetings, and our scheduled parties, dinner/dances, and ethnic food banquets, but also our sponsorships of numerous community organizations and activities.

The Objectives of the Polish American Independent Club of Port Jefferson Station are fourfold:

  1. The spiritual aim, consisting of the preservation of the national spirit and the brotherly love among all society.
  2. Mutual purpose of brotherly help.
  3. Economical aim, which consists of the gathering of funds from: yearly dues, legally collected fines, social affairs and other voluntary donations.
  4. Political aim, which consists of supporting an agenda, which prevents the defaming of the American, Polish or other Slavic peoples’ heritage.